Putting concussions in perspective

Why is it I only get time to write when I’m injured? My latest DL stint is with a torn meniscus, so I won’t even be able to work off the extra Christmas turkey with some pick-up hockey over the holiday.

On the bright side, I have noticed I can actually remember things better lately. Every time I have a concussion this problem gets worse for me. I’ve developed the coping mechanism of having to write everything down as soon as I think of it. It can be very upsetting to think of a good idea or something you’re supposed to do, then seconds or minutes later, be at a total loss. Recently though, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that I can actually remember the things without checking, a good sign that the post-concussion symptoms of my last concussion (fall 2011) are wearing off.

According to this graphic from Masters in Health Care, 1 in 2 people affected will suffer post-concussion syndrome.
Concussion Infographic

I’ve personally found after about a year concussion-free the lingering symptoms start to ease, but I imagine it’s different for everyone. And after my last one I wondered if they’d ever go away. The most frustrating part is that, even with so much awareness growing about concussions in the past few years, some people still don’t understand. I once had an editor at the paper I worked at tell me to “suck it up” when I was dealing with severe, debilitating headaches. Maybe I should take up swimming.



~ by Nathan White on December 22, 2012.

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