Wow, so I just kind of trailed off there.

Yeah…yeah, I did kind of trail off, there, didn’t I? Heh.

And now all I’ve got is dated Simpsons quotes. Geez I must really be losing it.

You stop blogging for a few months, you resort to plagiarizing Chief Wiggum. Let this be a lesson kids.

Anyway, I felt the need to write a post. Some post. Any post! (Oh man now I’m resorting to exclamation points.)

My lack of blogging is actually somewhat positive. I haven’t been consumed by 30-hour World of Warcraft marathons, become addicted to prescription painkillers, or walked into the Alaskan wilderness with a bag of rice and pair of rubber boots.

In fact, my fledgling online presence has actually led to some pretty big things for me. You know, the kind where they actually pay you to write stuff. Mostly about hockey games, which is an incredible blessing.

Using the skills to pay the bills has consumed most of my writing time, which is why I’ve been AWOL from my own blog. My boss at this blog is a cheapskate.

Here’s the Coles Notes on where else you can find my writing:

-I spent the first half of the hockey season blogging for the fine folks at Yahoo! Sports Canada, for the Buzzing the Net! Junior Hockey Blog. Under the leadership of editor Steve McAllister, I got to work with some great folks, including Sunaya Sapurji and Neate Sager, who I covered the World Junior Hockey Championship with in Buffalo.

-After World Juniors, I jumped on an opportunity to handle communications and marketing for the No. 1 major junior hockey team in Canada, the Saint John Sea Dogs. My predecessor took a job with the Detroit Red Wings, leaving an opening that needed to be jumped into right away. And if anyone likes jumping into things right away, it’s me. That means you can find most of what I’ve been writing lately here. Now my stuff appears on, Canadian Press and all sorts of other media outlets. The best part? Not only do I not get paid, I also don’t get a byline – yay propaganda! (There’s that exclamation point again)

-All kidding aside, the opportunity to work for the Sea Dogs has been awesome. I get to see how a hockey team really works, and it’s a first-class organization. I’ve also gotten to lend a hand to the bid to host the 2012 MasterCard Memorial Cup. We’re hoping to hear good news next week, when the host city is announced.

-Other than that, I’m continuing to freelance here and there. Lately I’ve been spinning a few yarns for the Saint John 225 City Stories project, check it out. Plus I’m still doing a Monday morning radio gig on CBC Radio. Since I’m limited in what I can say about junior hockey right now, I’m trying to branch out and diversify, so I have some other projects (baseball, golf, etc.) in the works, including a book idea I’m not ready to go public with yet. (I don’t want to be “that guy”)

The writing business is full of disappointment and hearing the word “no” from others and “why?” from your own internal dialogue. But enough about me.


~ by Nathan White on March 31, 2011.

2 Responses to “Procrasti-Nate-ing”

  1. I like my own post. Might as well comment on it too. My mom says I’m cool. Oh crap I’m quoting Simpsons again.

  2. Great to read about all of things you’ve been up to. Sounds like you’ve been busy! Hope that book idea works itself out, I’m sure whatever you come out with will be great!

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