Another setback for Kabanov

By Nathan White

Well, so much for Russian NHL draft prospect Kirill Kabanov cleaning up his act.

Top agent J.P. Barry of CAA, who had been helping Kabanov rehabilitate his image in recent weeks, told The Hockey News that he won’t be representing the player any longer.
After a tumultuous season that has seen the talented forward sent home from two teams while his draft stock plummeted, Kabanov is facing another high-profile parting. Hooking up with Barry had brought some stability to Kabanov’s situation, and he’d been admitting his mistakes in recent stories in the Globe and Mail and

Barry is arguably the most respected agent in the hockey world, and Kabanov had done well in attaching his name to Barry’s. I believed it would be enough to get Kabanov back into the first round, as teams would be willing to forget all the rumors that have circulated about him being a strange character who doesn’t fit into the team concept.

This development totally changes things. If Kabanov can’t get along with a junior team, a national team, and a top agent, what NHL team is going to risk the valuable asset of a high draft pick to make him their problem?


~ by Nathan White on June 8, 2010.

8 Responses to “Another setback for Kabanov”

  1. This is a 17 yr old ‘natural talent’. Had one, ‘young male moment’ while with the wildcats. I’m not sure the other problems were 100% his doing, he has rich parents,and at least one of those, has a real problem understanding ,the rule of compliance.
    This kid is simply a product of his enviornment. Correctable ? ? ?

    • Good points L. If you believe even half the rumors Gare Joyce rounded up (click the word rumors in the post), there was more than one young male moment. But I agree you can’t dump all the blame on a 17-year-old kid. There is obviously influence from the parents and probably growing up with a sense of entitlement and being a star. I’m not saying the problems aren’t correctable. I’m saying NHL teams have a finite resource in draft picks, and they have a body of evidence that is going to deter them from spending one of those finite resources on a player with Kabanov’s rap sheet.

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  3. He better figure it out soon because he has burned his bridges in teh KHL and he is working on making sure he fades from NHL radars…

    Dear Kirill Kabanov…Many talented hcokey players with better credentials than you get drafted and never ever get a taste of the NHL. It is not just talent that gets you to the show it is work ethic and an ability to be a team player…you better start working on those or you will be a Moncton wildcvat trivia question…Time to Grow up…

    • You pretty much nailed it Don, fantastic comment, thanks. You could reword that sentence: Many talented hockey players with less credentials than you never get drafted and still work their way to the NHL. I see it every year in junior, when kids get drafted, then seem to coast the next year. Meanwhile, there are kids that didn’t get drafted on every junior and college team in North America working their butts off to prove somebody wrong and get a second chance.

  4. This article is pretty useless unless we know WHY this happened.

    • Thanks for the comment Char. You’re right, without the whole story, you can’t draw a definitive conclusion on exactly what happened. What we do know is that Barry is a highly respected agent who was rehabilitating Kabanov’s image, and it appears he told Kabanov to move on. Knowing JP, my best guess is that the kid (or his family) wasn’t worth the headache, as he doesn’t need the money. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to reach him for a follow-up interview.

      This case, with all the other circumstantial evidence of Kabanov being sent packing from two teams, etc., is enough to scare NHL teams off. So in that case, it’s not useless information, even if we don’t know the exact WHY in this instance.

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