There Are No Words

By Nathan White

I have hated on the NHL advertising a little bit during the playoffs. My biggest beef was the “History Will Be Made” bits after the first round were getting a bit liberal with what they consider moments that will go down in history.

The league has redeemed itself, however, with the “There Are No Words” bit. It really sums up what winning the Stanley Cup means to a hockey player.

As a Canadian fan whose earliest memories have hockey posters in the background, the drama of the Stanley Cup is something you can take for granted. The NHL has put together a campaign that reminds us, or educates the casual fan, about the passion and feeling behind the game we love.

Nice work NHL! Along with the decision to put major junior hockey in the next NHL video game, this ranks as another smart marketing move.


~ by Nathan White on June 6, 2010.

8 Responses to “There Are No Words”

  1. Love this commercial. Great post. And I totally agree about the first round “History Will Be Made” commercials. They were a joke. People will hardly remember most of what happened in the first round of any playoffs.

  2. I think the NHL has always had a knack for making really good commercials…The ‘no words’ commercials are no exception—the look on Hull’s face is priceless…

  3. Thanks for the comments guys.

    @Josh, I think the only early-round one that people will really remember is Halak’s goaltending. I also liked the Datsyuk-Zetterberg one: “What if the draft ended after the fifth round.” That one was more about their playoff greatness than someone scoring a Game 3 winner in the second round.

    @Ron-Yves, I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I can’t think of a campaign this effective off the top of my head. Can you give me an example?

    • A particular campaign? Not really—Generally though, the commercials associated with NHL over the years have either been very funny—or in this year’s case, with more of a serious edge to them—but entertaining none the less..

      Some of the old ESPN 2 promos and the NIKE hockey commercials were entertaining fo’ sho’ =)

      • Hahaha, nice! Thanks for digging those up. So, if the NHL has such great advertising, how come it hasn’t translated to increased popularity?

  4. The History will be made commercials after the first round were a reminder to everyone about this year’s playoffs not all-time. Overall it’s the best I’ve ever seen in the playoffs.

  5. Easy—Out of the 4 major sports, hockey is the least accessible to folks as they’re growing up, consequently it will always have a lesser fan-base than the other 3. People are more likely to watch a sport that they’ve at least dabbled in. Backyard football & baseball, as well as driveway basketball are more common than backyard rinks…

    • True. The league has been saying for years that having the NHL in non-traditional markets will eventually make the culture take hold. In the meantime, you should start a personal campaign to spread love for road hockey in your neighborhood!

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