I Believe

By Nathan White

OK, CTV’s “I Believe in the Power of You and I” theme song is cheesy. And the grammar sucks. (You wouldn’t say, ‘I believe in the power of I’).

But Alexandre Bilodeau’s gold medal really does help us Canadians believe. For weeks, commercials have been setting us up for the “when” – not “if” – Canada would win its first gold on home soil. For years we’ve heard about “Own The Podium.” We’ve all tried to believe it – “this time we’re actually going to win” – but I think there’s something inside us that wouldn’t allow us to believe until we saw.

Alexandre Bilodeau

Saturday night, I stayed up late with some good friends, hoping that moment would come for Jenn Heil in the snowboarding moguls. Heil had a great run, but had to watch as two Americans celebrated their gold-bronze finish in her face, ostentatiously waving their U.S. flags as though Heil wasn’t even there.
It seemed like just another time Canada had to settle, like we’re always finishing second (or worse, fourth), just out of reach of the prize. Even worse, we had to watch Americans celebrate on our snow, once again in the shadow of our big neighbours to the south.

The next night, Bilodeau made us forget all that.

He pumped his fist a little bit, talked about the great support he’s had from friends and family, and teared up when talking about the inspiration of his handicapped brother. Just like the other commercial we’ve been seeing ad nauseum the past few days, Bilodeau didn’t seem to want to take too much credit.

He gave sports fans and non-fans alike something to talk about at work together on Monday. He made us want to watch more Canadian athletes win, and helped us believe they can. And he showed us the way we want them to represent us when they do win.


~ by Nathan White on February 15, 2010.

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  1. how about a book about this guy?

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